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A friend once told me a story about two guys he knew. One of them was an early researcher of the properties of pure capsaicin. The other was a badass. The researcher always carried a bottle of pure capsaicin with him in order to flavor his foods. One time the researcher and the badass were eating breakfast together (with this friend of mine in attendance as well), and the researcher stuck the very tip of a toothpick into the capsaicin and gently waved it in the presence of his omelet. The badass asked what he was doing, and the researcher explained that he was using the vapor of the capsaicin to add some spice to his omelet.

The badass thought the researcher was a wuss, and took the bottle of capsaicin and poured some onto his own omelet.

Needless to say, the badass was shocked and humbled, and probably couldn't taste anything for a week.