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By Metacognizant

Daddies go and Mommies stay.
Children watch the grand parade
of lovers, killers, liars, thieves,
actors laughing, actors grieving.
And some ride on the float,
the oreo cookies float,
delivering orea cookies to the masses,
casting out the single cookie packets.

Daddies go and Mommies stay.
Children work when they should play
at games of hate and death and war,
diluted hints of what’s in store.
Monopoly tycoons
can do whatever they want to do
and Indians are meant to suffer genocide.
We’ll kill each other once our enemies have died.

Daddies go and Mommies stay.
Children, by existing, say,
“I took your youth and then I flew,
but left a brat to laugh at you.”
So some receive the blows,
as anger steadily grows.
But they can’t help it if they sound just like him.
She fights them because she cannot fight him.

Daddies go and Mommies stay,
but children are the ones who pay
for theft, betrayal, lies, and boasts,
a world of boogies, monsters, ghosts.
They all lay down and die,
much too hopeless to try.

Where does our future lie?

It lies in ashes,
bleeding from a million mortal gashes.