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A TV show on the WB. (Mwa ha ha!! "the WB".)

Premise: Scotty (Tyler Labine), Vaughn (Kett Turton), and Jane (Sara Downing) make up the rock band "Problem". By accident they discover a magic amulet, the Amulet of Sorin [sp], which gives them the power to see ghosts and the responsibility to help these ghosts finish their unfinished business and pass on.

Or else the ghosts will get really nasty at them.

First episode aired tonight (Tue 14 Aug 2001). It was interesting, and funny. But I might be biased.

TV Guide summary of the first episode:

Debut: Comedy mixes with the supernatural in this new series about the Problem, a rock band whose members have the power to see ghosts---very needy ghosts.

Bandmates Jane, Vaughn and Scott (Sara Downing, Kett Turton, Tyler Labine) receive this gift after reading the inscription on a mysterious amulet, an object that keeps coming back despite repeated attempts to ditch it. Some research into the talisman's history provides a few clues as to how the rockers are seeing the specters, but not why. Nor does it explain the pesky Pilgrim haunting them. Meanwhile, front man Vaughn's focus and dedication to his friends are challenged by a record-company rep intent on sweet-talking him into going solo.

There are already several Yahoo! groups devoted to this show, such as: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Dead-Last