Everything2 is truly a family. Sad sometimes it takes the passing of many of us consider a patriarch to remember that but truly sometimes we need to be brought together. Seeing everyones names and memories come together reminds me of a virtual bonfire of sorts. But what everyone writes is true, Dannye was the person that may of pissed you off really quickly but he was also the one that supported you when you were a new or experienced noder. 

Recently I was fortunate to check off my list spending time with a noder that I think of very highly, and we did talk about Dannye and his contributions to the site. We mentioned the positives and negatives about our interactions with him. I was more reminded that he was a much better person then he came off which then digging back into the history of my brain I did realize yes I had those moments too and I can't forget them. I never thought a website would have such an impact on my life and surroundings - but looking around people I more recently see most are noders. Funny how life has it's ways of bring people together but no regrets.

This site as much as many wouldn't want to admit it has shaped many lives, and continues too. Dannye's legacy will live on our hearts are saddened by his loss but he enstiled in us much to carry forward. Farewell Dannye and  Godspeed.