Awful anime film(Golgo 13: The Professional) made in 1983 about an assassin named Duke. What makes this movie one of the worst anime I have ever seen is how ridiculous it is. A movie can be ridiculous and still be excellent (see Castle of Cagliostro) but if it isn't fun or interesting it is horrible. This movie is a perfect example of this. If anyone thinks that Duke getting shot by hundreds of bullets, and still surviving is realistic is not a member of this universe. Other problems with this movie include, its length(way too long) and the plot which is 10 times worse than any James Bond plot, and dosen't have the style that makes many Bond movies fun to watch.

Of course the reason why I think it is so bad may stem from the fact that I only saw the Streamline dub and that the original had a much better script. Currently avalable from Urban Vision.