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Doris Day is a prolific actress and singer who is 95 years old as of this node. I knew of her, since I was always watching older movies, but when I was in high school I landed the part of Rock Hudson in the play Pillow Talk. I set out to find the movie, but couldn't find it on broadcast television for years afterwards. This was before the advent of things like streaming, DVDs, or even VHS. Blockbuster wouldn't be in buisness for another seven years. I did my best to play Rock Hudson's part as best as I could figure out.

I did finally get to see Pillow Talk, and my interpretation wasn't anything like Rock's. But I did, like Rock and Tony Randall, fall in love with the girl-next-door Doris. She was pretty, but not in the Marilyn Monroe sense. She exuded sass, cleverness, and was the kind of girl you'd love to bring home to meet the folks in the 1950's. Pillow Talk was her real breakthrough role in 1959, catapulting her to the top of the actress earnings heap.

She always played the pretty but not perfect woman with a heart of gold mixed in with some skepticism and smarts. Indeed, after her long string of number one hits at the box office, she was considered "the world's oldest virgin" by (rather rude, IMHO) critics. 

Doris had several marriages and ups and downs in her career, but she always did her best to maintain that adorable next door personality. For decades, Doris has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on animal welfare projects. She still is involved with activism at 95 in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where she currently resides with a swath of rescued dogs.