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Most people complaining about the United States coming close to, or even having already, declaring atheism as a state religion seem to forget a couple key points. Atheism is not a religion, and secularism is not atheism.

Showing no preference on the issue of religion is not the same as being against it. I haven't seen a single ruling from the Supreme Court that is anti-religion. And don't even suggest that the government is in some manner anti-religious. Does the National Day of Prayer attack religion? I don't think so, and there is no equivalent for people who are not religious. I personally think that government endorsement of it is government endorsement of religion over non-religion. It's as if they're encouraging people to be believers.

For every example you could possibly come up with showing that America is somehow encouraging atheism, I can show you many more on the other side.

Next you'll be complaining about life in our anti-Christian America.