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I've come to realize that they both suck. Republicans and Democrats both. Neither really cares about the people, they care about their paychecks, and fighting the other party in their partisian politics, and courting the big donations from corporations and the wealthy.

Republicans want to force their morals on everyone, give tax cuts for anyone wealthy enough to donate it back to them, and reduce the government where it's convienent to them.

Democrats just keep increasing the government and trying to regulate everything, even (and often especially) what doesn't need it.

I guess the problem is all the good little sheep who believe voting for a third party is throwing your vote away, or that either party cares what the people think.

In a Democracy, people get the government they deserve.

As far as the upcoming election goes, sure, Gore sucks. But Bush sucks worse. And Pat Buchanan toes the line between sucks and suicidal.

Maybe if we kicked them both out, we'd no longer have party X gaining the majority, and shoving their own legislation through while blocking everything that party Y proposes, then switching off later on to do it just the other way. Maybe they'd actually pay attention to the proposal, not the proposer.