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A sitcom airing on CBS. It stars Ted Danson as Dr. John Becker, a hilariously cranky physician in a local New York neighborhood. When he's not treating patients you'll probably find him hanging out at Reggie's coffee shop, owned and run by Reggie, a former model. Becker and Reggie are constantly trading barbs, but they really do like and respect one another. Usually.

Also at the coffee shop you'll find Bob, the local sleazeball and super of Becker's apartment building, and Jake, the blind man who sells magazines at his periodical stand at the coffee shop.

At Becker's office you'll find Margaret, the head-strong secretary, and Linda, the ditzy assistant.

Becker is generally disliked by most people he meets. He's cranky. He's rude. He's cheap. He smokes in No Smoking areas. He rants about everyone and everything. And yet he's the best doctor in the neighborhood, and that keeps people coming back to him. Underneath his gruff exterior, Becker really is a nice guy. Usually.

Reggie was written out of the show for its Fall 2002 premiere and was replaced by a new love interest for Becker, Christine. The show was very nearly canceled at the end of the season, but was saved at the last minute after its replacement was unavailable for Fall 2003. Meanwhile, reruns of the show entered syndication in September 2003.

Ted Danson .... Dr. John Becker
Terry Farrell .... Regina 'Reggie' Kostas
Alex Désert .... Jake Malinak
Hattie Winston .... Margaret Wyborn
Shawnee Smith .... Linda
Saverio Guerra .... Bob

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