A French company started in the 1970's, Petzl manufactures climbing, caving, and general sorts of adventure gear, as well as work and rescue related counterparts to do essentially the same things.

I personally am an advocate of their Climbing gear. They are innovating with belay devices such as the GriGri and the Reverso, Creating totaly new ways of doing things more safely in one of the most looked at parts of a climbing safety system, and therefore also usualy the most conservatively changed part of the safety system. Hopefully some of their innovations will catch on.

In addition to inventing new things, their equipment is usually of very good quality and reliability, making them a name brand along others such as Black diamond. Unfortunately, this also often puts their equipment into the higher price ranges.
Complete and up to date info about them is at their website, www.petzl.com, strangely enough…