Black Diamond is a company that makes climbing gear. Their equipment is of very high quality. They continue to introduce innovative designs. I personally am very fond of the carabiners they make and their belaying devices.

They also make climbing harnesses. In the Sylvester Stallone film "CliffHanger" the opening scene depicts a woman's harness breaking. The metal buckle tears open. As I watched this scene in the cinema I recall the Black Diamond label clearly visible on the buckle. I though "now that is ridiculous". I believe that Black Diamond sued and won damages.

The rest of the film was much more plausible, comparatively.

In snowboarding (or skiing), Black Diamond runs represent the most difficult runs. They are usually steep with complicated terrain. They can be a lot of fun, but if there are lots of moguls, its sort of a pain on a snowboard. The runs are usually marked with a black diamond next to the name - harder runs will have two or three diamonds (double black diamond or triple black diamond). If you're a newbie at snowboarding, beware of these... I've slid down a few on my ass, and not willingly.

I'm not sure how the classification works but it seems pretty arbitrary. I've seen moderate runs at sugar bowl that are more difficult than black diamond runs at snow summit.

The Black Diamond is a variety of watermelon developed in Hope, Arkansas. (Some claim that they are from Florida. This is simply untrue. I spent a summer selling Black Diamonds from the back of a pickup truck in rural Arkansas, and I told all my customers they were from Hope. I never lie to a customer.)

Weighing up to 40 pounds, round, they have a very deep green, almost black skin, with no other markings. No spots, no stripes. The flesh is bright pinkish red, with large cells and the taste

the taaaaste

It begins with sweet. As you bite into, the cells explode on your tongue, and your brain is flooded with the essence of watermelon. It is so intense that it almost gives you synesthesia. It tastes pink.

The rind is thick enough to tolerate transport but thin enough that you can cut and eat a slice without getting nothing but that skanky white stuff.

If you find a Black Diamond watermelon, buy it. You won't regret it.

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