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At the suggestion of dem bones, I have removed the following wastes of electrons from my own nodespace:

However, I did not (as suggested) haul them over to E2 Nuke Request. Those writeups really sucked and I damn well deserved to be docked 5 XP for each of them.

I also nuked my so-called contributions to Murphy's Law and WWJD?. I'll submit the rest of my bad nodes for painless deletion, but these really stank.

Removed apoligies by random_monkey: "I am writing this node to apoligise about the node on marilyn manson where it was suggested that he was gay. I took no part in the production of this node other than to say that i wasn't the person that had written it. My apoligies go out to all fans of marilyn manson and anyone who was offended by it. Thank you for your time". Don't put it in a separate node, don't misspell a common word.