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my krazy weekend, by tally ho

an attempt to catalogue both the major events of and the substances which I knowlingly introduced into my body in the almost 60 hours between the dates of march 28th and 31st 2003.


10am: work

buy e

3pm: work ends

buy meth

meth (lines)

weed + e (joint)

e (lines)

meth (drunk)

meth (lines)

buy weed (commission flats)

7pm: family dinner (mother's birthday)

spider crab

oysters (au natural)

paella (vegetarian)

e (lines)

9.30pm: dinner ends

st kilda

meth (eaten)

e (lines)


e (lines)

weed (joint)

sleep (2 hours, fitful)

8am: fruit toast (buttered)

weed (joint)

e (lines)

meth (lines)

10am: work

coffee (lattes) meth (lines)

meth (eaten)

e (lines)

5.30pm: work ends

weed (joint)

sleep (2 hours; deep)


1.30am: scubar (drum and bass)

e (ingested)

3am: daylight savings ends

4am: drum and bass ends; scubar closes

weed (joints)

e (lines)

m&ms (peanut)

7am: home


sleep (7 hours)

pancakes (maple syrup; butter)

5pm: work

weed (joint)

e (lines)

coffee (latte)

kebab (lamb)

10pm: work ends

weed (joints)

beer (cascade)

e + weed (joint)


02:18:50am AEST: sleep...?

the future

today (monday): 10am work

tuesday: uni

... when will the comedown hit?

total hours sleep:

total doses of meth:

total doses of e:

total doses of weed:

total doses of alcohol:

total food eaten (approximate weight):

not calculated: water; tobacco