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If you don't

see the FNORD

it can't eat you

Don't see the Fnord. You may have searched for the fearsome Boojum. You may have hunted the dreaded Wumpus. You may even have defeated the mighty Jabberwock. But Don't See The Fnord! If you don't see the Fnord, it can't hurt you. Just look away. Forget it's even there. Because, after all, it isn't. There is no Fnord, and you are perfectly safe as long as you remember this.

No, don't be alarmed, there's no need to run.
Fnords are rare (Perhaps there's only one?)

It will not snatch or claw or tear.
(And in fact, it is not there).

But if you think a Fnord might be creeping near,
say loud these words: "There be no Fnords here!"

It should be made clear that seeing the Fnord will most certainly make you disappear. Whether you will be disposed of by being eaten or otherwise is a matter of speculation.

This Bavarian Fire Drill has been brought to you by the Discordian Tribunal.