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Occasionally, a 'fun words' list will include foggie-toddler as a quaint word for a bumblebee. This is more or less correct, although lacking in specifics.

Foggie toddler (the hyphen is optional) is the Scots word for a Bombus muscorum -- a type of bumblebee that is usually called a large carder bee or moss carder bee in the rest of the United Kingdom. Foggie, in this case, refers to moss or lichen (fog may refer to dried grass or moss, while foggie generally refers specifically to moss), as the bee collects moss and dry grass to make their nests. Toddler, in this case, mirrors the standard English definition, indicating someone who cannot walk well... either because they are very young or very drunk.

These bees are also referred to as a foggie bee, foggie bummer, or simply a foggie. However, "foggie toddler" is not a synonym for a bee, or even a bumblebee; it is a specific species, and other species have other names. Bombus hortorum is a gairy bee, Bombus lapidaries is a reid airsie or a blarag, Bombus lucorum, Bombus terrestris and Bombus vestalis might all be called a white airsie, and Bombus pascuorum is a brounie. General terms for bumblebees as a class include bumbee and a drummie bee, although more general terms for buzzing insects, such as bummle or bummer might be used as well.