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I have to give credit to The Fray web site for this slogan. It's one of four categories or topics of stories people share or comment on in the site. It is now a logo design on a black T-Shirt that I was given a few days ago by a guy that I met via The Fray.

This guy is my friend and has been in the stages of becoming my friend for some time, since December or so. We exchanged e-mail for a bit, but the origin was a comment I posted on one of the site's featured stories. He read it and responded to the e-mail at the bottom of the post. Then began the IM banter that got as frequent as daily, punctuated by a few long distance and hours long phone calls. And here he is, visiting me in New Orleans, our first IRL experience.

He is not living anywhere near New Orleans currently, so our interest to build anything on this foundation, (the least of which is a powerful friendship) is strong but self-questioning. All I know is that I want him around me. I want to be able to come over to his place and share time with him. I want to hear about his day in person.

So, I guess you could say that I am hopeful, that for me hope really is the thing with feathers.