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I grew up in trailer parks in southern New Mexico. The wind would often blow so hard that sand would get into the trailer even with all the windows and doors closed. My parents, naturally, were divorced. I spent summers in Arkansas with my dad who taught me to box and swim and not go nuts when the Chicago Cubs games were on. My mom taught me everything else.

I got busted for marijuana in Texas and spent some time there after jail being homeless and writing bad poetry and rescuing other losers from being busted by the same narc.

Then I unthinkingly moved to Montana and got married to a Montana native. I got virtually worthless degrees from The University of Montana in philosophy and linguistics. My specialties, if such they were, were Martin Heidegger and Albert Borgmann and the whole philosophy of technology and ethics spectrum, and Coeur d`Alene Salish and morphosyntax. Recently I am not doing too much with any of this but instead am trying to learn Japanese.

You see, I now live and teach English in Japan. I like sipping green tea and eating anko and dating Japanese men.

I should have mentioned that I divorced the Montana boy.

But someday I want to move to Andalusia.

All I want out of life is that it be interesting.