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Art Spiegelman's series of graphic novels which details in beautiful but simultaneously horrible pictures his father's journey through Nazi Germany and its concentration camps. The series is divided into two books:

1) Hiding from the Nazis and attempting to escape them.
2) Being captured and sent to a Auschwitz and life there, as well as living through Auschwitz and what happened to those that didn't.

To avoid making the novels too graphic to read, Spiegelman uses creatures to represent the various different ethnicities involved in the story. The Jewish people are Mice, Germans are Cats. There are also dogs, pigs, and other "barnyard" creatures. The books are entirely in black and white which gives them a very dark tone, and lends them an oppressive feel. Readers will certainly find the books good, but it is very hard to actually enjoy something grounded in reality and dealing with such a heavy subject.