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Prod"uct (?), n. [L. productus, p. pr. of producere. See Produce.]


Anything that is produced, whether as the result of generation, growth, labor, or thought, or by the operation of involuntary causes; as, the products of the season, or of the farm; the products of manufactures; the products of the brain.

There are the product Of those ill-mated marriages. Milton.

These institutions are the products of enthusiasm. Burke.

2. Math.

The number or sum obtained by adding one number or quantity to itself as many times as there are units in another number; the number resulting from the multiplication of two or more numbers; as, the product of the multiplication of 7 by 5 is 35. In general, the result of any kind of multiplication. See the Note under Multiplication.

Syn. -- Produce; production; fruit; result; effect; consequence; outcome; work; performance.


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Pro*duct" (?), v. t.


To produce; to bring forward.

"Producted to . . . examination." [Obs.]



To lengthen out; to extend.


He that doth much . . . products his mortality. Hackett.


To produce; to make.




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