Verse I

Walt Whitman,
I sing for you because you sing for me
and for god and for all that exists
and flows through time and
words and thoughts and
I know that you inhabit me
and that part of me inhabited you
for we are all intertwined and mingled
and mastered by scenes striking and
flowing like the conscious
streams of words
that flowed
during the Bhagavad-Gita and
during the eccephrasis of Achilles’ shield in the Iliad,
you are the stream of words that flows through god
and through man and through me and
the thunder roars and blitzung snaps across the sky
light up the sky, light up my mind
with fire, of words and words for me and for you and
sing with me, for I have sung with you,
so sing sweetly my sweet words and
I will sweep you off of your feet
upon leaves of grass and splendor,
your armies and navies clash,
your wounded holler,
your slaves run,
your whalers swear,
your whores whore,
your boys run,
your fisherman fish,
your thieves thieve and be hung for it.