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Complete and unaltered version of what is included in Rapid Uncontrollable Descent.

I've fallen,
pick me up,
make me human,
paint this face,
so I look alive.
Can you help me,
live with you,
Can you help me,
forget my own death,
crucify myself,
This is such a shame,
you're nice enough,
too bad I have to go,
leave you again,
and forget my life.
Can you make me real,
flesh from air,
bone from wire,
jolting from,
your operator's hand.
I can see it,
if I move fast enough.
I can feel it,
if I run hard enough.
It's never going to be there,
just beyond my reach,
out there alone,
I'll meet my end.
Full of rage,
filled to capacity,
brimming over with hate,
contempt for the living,
who cannot fathom,
this ceaseless quest,
for something more pure,
than cold light.
I can see you there,
running from me.
Keeping your cards close,
hoping that I won't know.
Run, run away,
run long and hard,
if you can just reach,
escape velocity,
you can turn away and feel nothing.
Give me up,
give me away,
throw aside the old habits,
Still you come back,
swathed in silence,
accusing me of being the watcher.
Hunter or prey,
do you know even who you are?
This haunted vision,
what is this machine supposed to do anyway,
failed in faith,
Maybe no one cares that you're alone now,
maybe I don't give a damn anymore,
you're better off getting out of here,
so you can sever the ends clean,
and take back what you gave me.
These two,
souls at war with desperation,
concessions made by neither side.
killing each other by way of silence,
hoping for a quick death.

original prose, Yurei, 2000
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