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Walks past
Wheelbarrow at corner of eye
Periphperal vision
Like some beast
On african plains
stands amongst cactus (plural not trusted) waiting
might want to turn your head


Breaks of beats on musical flavours
Discharged empty barrels
Dance, lights, colour, movement
"who are YOU?"
Dead at that moment of crying a question
You got the money


brain smashed terror
Shoot speed
empty, little of thought but paranoia
discharged, energy gone and bones sore to core
Kill Light
failing to move
sweet pained sweat
wrapped in a blanket
need for something to make it work again
I got the soul


I loved/You took
I gave/You smothered
I wanted us/You desired not Us but You and Me
We had connection/We were both high
Two people against everything/Neither knowing the other
It should never have ended/It never began
I lie now in an empty bed/You were never together with me
We are two/Never one