So here is a story that took place about a year ago.

I was a humble credential student during my first semester of student teaching. The Phase I meant that I was under the wing of my mentor, observing for most of the semester and taking over for the last half. Later on, my relationship with my then-mentor would grow somewhat strained, but during the beginning I was just happy to be there.

The Freshmen were reviewing fact and opinion statements. The assignment was to get a bunch of newspapers, split them up among the groups, and have the kids highlight all the opinions and facts, then talk about biases they noticed.

So morning of the class, at about 6:30, my mom and I go to the grocery store to pick up newspapers. I go in alone. Newspapers were in the front on a wire stand. They had different kinds, and I spent several minutes inspecting and gathering a few of each. I took my large pile, smiled at the security guard standing by the photo place, and walked out of the store.

Do you see the problem here?

It wasn't until I was in the car, showing off my stack proudly, that my mom asked me how much they cost.

"They were free!" I said. "They had a stand of them and no prices."

Mom: UM.

Zeph: They were! There weren't any price stickers.

To which she pointed out that the prices were actually printed on the newspaper themselves.

Zeph: But they didn't stop me!

Mom: (laughing and pulling out of the parking lot) Because you were just walking all stupid-happy-- 'doop-dee-doop!'

So that is how I stole about 30$ worth of newspapers.

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