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Bedtime for Democracy should look like this:

The fourth LP from the Dead Kennedys, released in December of 1986, amidst a legal battle with the LA city prosecutor's office over a H.R. Giger graphic in their Frankenchrist album. IMHO, this album has the most potent political message of them all, not to mention some real sly wit on Biafra's part. Musicwise, though, its not the greatest, but the lyrics themselves make up for it, I think. It's just one of those albums that sounds kind of funky (not like p-funk funky, but more like 'uhhh...weird...umm...' funky) at first, but it grows on you.


  1. Take this Job and Shove It
  2. Hop with the Jet Set
  3. Dear Abby
  4. Rambozo the Clown
  5. Fleshdunce
  6. The Great Wall
  7. Shrink
  8. Triumph of the Swill
  9. Macho Insecurity
  10. I Spy
  11. Cesspools in Eden
  12. One-way ticket to Pluto
  13. Do The Slag
  14. A Commercial (USA for South Africa)
  15. Gone With My Wind
  16. Anarchy For Sale
  17. Chickenshit Conformist
  18. Where Do Ya Draw The Line
  19. Potshot Heard Round The World
  20. D.M.S.O.
  21. Lie Detector