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Hello girl with neither a small nose,
nor handome feet, nor little black eyes,
with no long fingers, no dry mouth,
and certainly not, to be sure, an elegant tongue
Friend of a Formian playboy,
Your province calls you pretty?
Our Lesbia is compared with you?
O tasteless and crude generation!
Salve, nec minimo puella naso
nec bello pede nec nigris ocellis
nec longis digitis nec ore sicco
nec sane nimis elegante lingua
Decoctoris amica Formiani,
ten provincia narrat esse bellam?
Tecum Lesbia nostra comparatur?
O saeclum insapiens et infacetum!


Latin text and some information from:
Aronson, Andrew C. and Robert Broughner. Catullus and Horace. White Plains, NY: Longman, 1988