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On a dim afternoon in catbox land, a few noders got together in virtual St. Bart's to celebrate, well, nothing. Angela supplied massages, and all.i.ask provided custom noder drinks. A list of those drinks follow:

•Tequila + strained orange juice + cucumber + a splash of sugar = the Simulacron3, sweet and fruity.

•Vodka + pomegranate juice + fresh lime = the IWhoSawTheFace, fresh and talkative. Perfect for a late afternoon sunbathe.

•Amaretto + iced coffee + a dash of cinnimon = the Dimview, intellectual and deep. A boudoir drink, the dimview is for an afternoon in a wood paneled library with a book of e.e. cummings and a pretty girl with glasses.

•White wine + pure raspberry juice + a pinch of raw sugar in a brandy glass = the karma_debt, slow and balanced.

•Limoncello + plenty of raw sugar + 7-up + fresh sliced lime = the Ancientsnow, a party drink.

•Slivovitz + peach juice = the grundoon, simple and neat.

•Peach Schnapps + a little kiwi juice = the Cool Man Eddie, chilled to be cool enough for him. Comes in a martini glass. The CoolManEddie cannot be bought, but is bestowed upon you, via the bartender, by someone cooler than you.

•Bärenjäger + peach juice = the Angela. The drink you order for the woman across the bar.

•Irish whisky + iced latte + nutmeg = The all.i.ask, savory and irish to the bone.

•Aguardiente + Pineapple juice = the Sam512, crisp and lovely. In the tallest glass you have on hand.

•Tequila + kiwi juice + of course, strawberry juice = The StrawberryFrog, juicy and slick. Have it in a champagne glass with a little umbrella.

•Bärenjäger + Earl Grey = the wertperch, elite and calming.

• Chartreuse + Kiwi juice + cucumber = the Wiccanpiper, exotic and rare. Comes in a highball glass with a tiny pirate flag.

•Tequila + blackberry juice + a splash of lime = the Halspal, enigmatic like the sphinx.

•Vanilla Stoli + Root Beer + Vanilla Iced Cream = the sloebertje, a big kids root beer float.

Request a Drink: Message all.i.ask.
Dimview is looking forward to reports on how these drinks all tasted, when they have been tried and tested by the HD5ers.