It seems that today is the first day that I'm taking over Cool Man Eddie to create today's node. Greetings, Eddie!

In other news, I want to share something: I was pickpocketed today, someone took my phone out of my pocket during the madness of public transport also known as commuting.

The worst part of it is that it was a brand new phone (barely 3 days old). On the bright side, there was zero violence.

But still, the feeling of anger and impotence are here, and they are important too. I lost some money, yes, but I also lost my sense of safety, the peace of mind that I usually get in my unusually short commute (barely 20 minutes) and I've gained a renewed feeiling that I have to be extra careful. It's not a good feeling, it's not good being reminded to be hyperaware on what should be a peaceful society and a normal interaction with society at large.

I'll try to get the day off.