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This is number 9 (traditionally IX) in Dante Alighieri's Rime.

Guido, i' vorrei che tu e Lapo ed io
Fossimo presi per incantamento,
E messi in un vasel ch'ad ogni vento
Per mare andasse al voler vostro e mio,

Sì che fortuna od altro tempo rio
Non ci potesse dare impedimento,
Anzi, vivendo sempre in un talento,
Di stare insieme crescesse 'l disio.

E monna Vanna e monna Lagia poi
Con quella ch'è sul numer de le trenta
Con noi ponesse il buono incantatore:

E quivi ragionar sempre d'amore,
E ciascuna di lor fosse contenta,
Sì come i' credo che saremmo noi.

My ugly translation:

Guido, I would like that you, and Lapo and I
Were taken by a spell
And put in a ship that, blown by every wind,
Travelled on the sea, to my and your whim.

And that neither bad luck nor bad weather
Could molest us,
And that, living always in the same mood
We wanted more and more to be together.

And dame Vanna and dame Lagia as well
With her that is among the thirty women
Were put with us by the good wizard

And that we would always discuss love
And that each one of the dames were as happy
As I believe we would be.

Guido is Guido Cavalcanti, poet and friend of Dante
Lapo is Lapo Gianni, a minor poet
Monna Vanna was loved by Guido Cavalcanti (Monna is a shorter form of Madonna, which in turn abbreviates mia donna, "my woman", and also a common way of addressing woman; compare Monna Lisa).
Monna Lagia was loved by Lapo Gianni.