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EVIL, the rate at which work is expended to produce suffering, measured in terms of equivalent destructive energy relative to a known reference atrocity.


= −

₰(t) × (q′q)
)  cos ₥ ⋅ dR
Fig. 1, the Scheißstrahlung equation.
The vertical lines have no meaningful relevance and it is recommended that you do not see them.

In the classical formulation shown above, Φ represents the devastatic flux in antijoules per cubic centiperson, ₰ is the dialectic field strength in microhegels, ₥ is malignitivity in radians, and ξ0 is a constant representing the permittivity of a moral vacuum. Symbols q and q′ represent two very small residents of region R, separated by an irreconcilable difference of ȓ.

The SI unit of evil is the hitler (卐). It is a logarithmic scale with 1.0卐 representing the theoretical maximum amount of evil which is thermodynamically possible under non-eschatological conditions. Everyday measurements describing politicians, civil servants, managers are better expressed in microhitlers (μ卐).

Encyclopedia Blipvertica.