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Sewing, and SUPER random movie quotes from the 80's ABILITIES ACTIVATE! SHAZAM!
Everything you want is not every thing you need.
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Taking my son to meet his grandfather
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Scribe: (o)(o) just look deeply into their swirling masses
me: i'm looking. I didn't know that boobies swirled, but boy am I learning now
Scribe: they do when they come with TASSELS!!!! (§)(§)

For your support, I thank you:
The Debutante

AIM Name: Chenney1234

I want to feel powerful. Bring me a team of flying monkeys to do my bidding!

Burning Question of the Ages: What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?

Everything2 ambition: to attend a foreign nodermeet

Dude! I'm level 4 now! Sa-weet!
Dude! I'm a ninjagirl now! Sa-weet! And how, you ask? Scribe says And all I had to do was promise you'd lick some steel toed boots to get you in. How awesome is that?

Noders who have sent me mail:

  • Spackle says if the burning question of the ages is a reference to Jimmy Buffett, you are the freakin' coolest, if not you are still better than a stick in the eye!
  • Scribe says You amuses me that you are the DQ nazi
  • Glowing Fish says When I asked you to dress up in a French maid costume and dance for me, that was just my way of respecting you as a person.
  • Scribe says If the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about..I'm in big trouble. ...I was convinced it was monkeypants. Dangit.
  • Glowing Fish says But sometimes I want to be disrespected... have a big mean truck driver tell me what a worthless little slut I am!
  • Uberbanana says You have one of the most inventively spelled names I've seen on here.
  • wertperch says My toupee? SOCK TOUPEE!
  • Two_Sheds says And you may touch my hair.
  • Scribe says was the space pirates!
  • Two_Sheds says Yes, but is it absurd?
  • yclept says re Christmas ornament: eep! I'm mentioned!
  • TheDeadGuy says Wait a minute! I'm a womanizing creep! How did I not know!

Funny Things I've Seen in the Catbox

  • Noung says The best thing about the Iraq war was the fact you could get ten C!s and a million upvotes by writing any old crap so long as it was uncompromising enough. Or if you were pro-war, 4 C!s and about 20 upvotes.
  • 256 says To hell with this.
  • Chase says I want a post card that says "Cool Man Eddie says hey PLAYER1, dannye just cooled your $25 donation, baby! (1 New Message)
  • Diabolic says Oprah is eternal, and has two aspects. Oprah and Harpo, and the son, Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil will save us all.
  • IWhoSawTheFace says France is a level 3 country desperately hoping to climb to Level 6 so that it can get its own homenode picture. But it's not, so it's all pissy to the editors and gods.
  • C-Dawg says Being a smartass is so much easier than giving real answers
  • Demeter says My daughter is still trying to forgive me for my response to her question "What would you say if I told you I was lesbian?" which was "Great! No danger of you getting pregnant, then!"
  • Chihuahua Grub says You don't want me to love you. I only love my cat, and I've already arranged for his balls to be cut off.
  • Roninspoon says Real poetry can only be written by teenagers who just lost their only true love ever for the third time this year and whose parents won't buy them a new car since their grades slipped and they started acting "weird".

Eye heart Glowing Fish, my unofficial mentor and all-around good friend. :)
Catbox Convos

weemis how the fuck does 33 write ups give you 1925 exp!? i smell scandal
Koutetsu up next: Eddiegate

Though he's been gone longer than I've been a member of e2... I think I finally understand. /me misses sensei I hope one day I get to tell you, sir.

Do normal people fall?

People who think I'm cool:

Glowing_Fish * GrouchyOldMan * Lometa * Sid * Jet-Poop
Posmella * Scribe * avalyn * dem_bones * JerboaKolinowski
XWiz * ac_hyper * amoeba * apatrix * Ashley Pomeroy
call * caknuck * Cletus the Foetus * czeano * dannye
Devon_Hart * dg * erenata * heisenberg * iamkaym
JaubertMoniker * kto9 * legbagede * liveforever * mofaha
momomom * montecarlo * mr100percent * NinjaPenguin
novasoy * Pseudo_Intellectual * Quizro * rischi * sekicho
semprini * Servo5678 * taschenrechner * Tem42
TheBooBooKitty * Timeshredder * wertperch * Tlachtga

I know we're not supposed to say 'thank you' to people, but thank you anyway for recognizing my efforts.

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