"Much better yet,
tell me something dangerous and true,
Yes, that looks MUCH sexier on you
I'm not a virgin-Poe

It's like Hannibal- she said. "Like who?" I asked, trying hard to keep up, as usual. Not to her pace, because I always walked faster than she, but her thoughts.
Hannibal, you know, H.Lecter. How he wanted to know something private about Clarice, how he wanted intimacy.
"You want me to eat people and tell you about it?"
No- she punched my shoulder
slight grimace- I want to know some secrets, I want a personal side of you to show.
"Should I tell you I beat up a girl when I was in elementary school?"
off guard, and no longer joking. "I just made that up- but is that the kind of thing?"
No - now decidedly not joking. I want something truthful, thats the whole point -annoyed.
"Truthful, but not mean" I could see this was not going to end well.
Yes, No, well, ... I want truthful and private, but not mean or mean spirited - I want that secret to be the kind of thing that will bring us closer, not make me crazy.

"Like this" I offer, serious glance.

Like this, she said. Tell me something I need to know

"OK, I can't ride a bike. Never learned."

Seriously , she says.
"Seriously" I say-eyes straight at hers.
A pause and then a big hug. That's perfect, I like imperfections.

So do I.