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Artist: Limp Bizkit
Album: Significant Other
Year: 1999

Significant Other, Limp Bizkit's sophmore effort, is regarded as one of the pinnacles of the metal-rap hybrid, although now the band is definitely overshadowed by hybrid sensation Linkin Park. The album spawned several singles, including Nookie, Break Stuff, Rearranged, and N 2 Gether Now. There's lots of hidden material on the album, which you can hear if you let certain tracks continue to play after the song ends.

The CD includes a video that shows the creation of the cover art for the album, an amazing piece of graffiti. If you look closely on the bottom left-hand corner of the album, you'll see an electrical outlet, because the art was painted onto a wall and then photographed.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Just Like This
3. Nookie
4. Break Stuff
5. Re-Arranged
6. I'm Broke
7. Nobody Like You
8. Don't Go Off Wandering
9. 9 Teen 90 Nine
10. N 2 Gether Now
11. Trust?
12. No Sex
13. Show Me What You Got
14. A Lesson Learned
15. Outro
16. Untitled