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A study done to find a correlation between homosexuality and genes in identical twins:

This study was conducted in Australia and I found the information at www.narth.com (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexualtiy). The study can be found in the section "Is Homosexuality Genetic?" The investigation was done by Bailey, Martin and others at the University of Queensland.

To start, the data that was gathered came in a round-about way. The twins were recruited for other reasons but, during the study, they were asked about their sexual preference. Out of a 14,000+ twin collection the results were as follows: (1) If a twin was homosexual then 38% of the time the brother was also. (2) If a twin was lesbian then 30% of the time their identical sibling was also. From this large study it shows that whether it be 30% or 50% concordance it is clearly not 100%. As is clearly understood, identical twins have identical genes. Since there has been debate about the weight genes carry in the determination of homosexual behavior this study has given me clear evidence that genes are not, always, the end-in-all factor for a sexual preference. To end the essay there were five conclusions that were made:

1. No scientist believes genes by themselves infallibly make us behave in specified ways. Genes create a tendency, not a tyranny .

2. Identical twin studies show that neither genetic nor family factors are overwhelming.

3. Conclusion 2 will not be altered by any research in the future.

4. We can foster or foil genetic or family influences.

5. Change is possible.