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The back of the book says "one of this generation's most exciting, accessible poets." Bill Moyers says she is "the daughter of a Palestinian father and an American mother" and that she "grew up in St. Louis, Old Jerusalem (then in Jordan), and Texas. Her poetry reflects this textured heritage, which endowed her with an openness to the experience of others and a sense of continuity across borders."

Nye spends a lot of time concentrating on paring down, disappearing, "purifying." Through meditations on or through objects such as buttonholes, trees, fruit or shirts, Nye is able to find the sacred in the everyday, whether that be a day in Costa Rica, Jerusalem, or San Antonio.

Sometimes her simplicity gives her a transparent quality, like a naked mole rat with a light shining through, structure visible under skin. But sometimes the light of her vision illuminates the skin from within, and then you find yourself reacting as though you'd just read something you always thought but weren't quite sure how to say. Satisfied.

Check out "Famous" or "The Art of Disappearing" for good examples of her work. Different Ways to Pray, Yellow Glove , and Hugging the Jukebox are three collections of poems Nye has produced.