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I am a student at {pratt} institute. i will be an RA next year. i like to do a lot of things. i like to doodle. i like to sculpt. i like to eat. i like not to use capital letters. i like monkeys, especially curious george. i like cats, provided they arn't all snotty. i like lots of things.

my favorite movie is tampopo. it is good.

my favorite food is the vietnamese soup Pho, and i like it best with tendon and tripe and brisket in it.

my favorite music group is a toss up. i like cibo matto, they are good, but i also really like the florintine band bandabardo and the Aqubats.

i like new york. it smells bad sometimes, but i still like it.

MWOP!(if you want to know, too bad. i tried once...)

i like rain. i like navy blue. i like girls. i like liking things.

my favorite book is slaughter house five. my favorite childrens illustrators are H.A.Rey, Maurice Sendak,


bye bye!