It is not so much that you took the newsletter that I worked on for days and threw it away – that is a small thing.

And it is not that one of you ran over my cat. But it is that you ran over my cat and did not bother to stop, tell me and apologize. Ditto for my dog you ran over years ago.

It’s not that all of you who witnessed the car accident where a woman drove into my lane didn’t bother to stop and be witnesses. Maybe it isn’t even that the woman lied and said that *I* went into her lane. It most certainly is that the man in her car who was wearing an “I heart Jesus” neckband lied.

It’s not that so many merchants and carpenters and plumbers and electricians have charged me double what it should have cost. What is money?

It’s the sum of it all. It is the overwhelming evidence that not only is the vast majority of you untrustworthy; you have proven yourselves to be wholly unworthy.

It’s that the unkindness that person A does to person B today, person B will do to person C tomorrow, person C will do it to person D the next day, and this is the degenerate state to which our society has fallen.

It is that my attempting to do the right thing has set an example for no one. It is that my words are powerless to change you.

And so today the only thing I have left to say is “Fuck You All.”

Sadly, I know that I will try again tomorrow to be kind... and most likely get kicked and taken advantage of and lied to for it.

And I can’t stop trying.

(It's a rant -just let me rant for a little while - I need to rant tonight)