Well, I'm at my parent's apartment. I always wind up staying here when I have to be somewhere in Phoenix or the West Valley early, and I always wind up regretting it because I find it nearly impossible to sleep here at night. Of course, the fact that I slept for about four hours this afternoon probably didn't help either...

Anyway. I talked to the department counselor and submitted my Declaration of Graduation. I also found out that, as usual, ASU has fucked up royally. My DARS (degree audit) report claims that I am not, in fact, a political science (B.S.) major. This despite the fact that the change-of-major paperwork I have from two years ago clearly says that I am. Also, my C++ Programming class from community college did not go through as a CS credit, and the only way to appeal involves having the professor of the course petition the university about it (which is not going to happen), so now I have to take "Introduction to the Internet" or somesuch ridiculous course to fulfill that requirement.

Speaking of administrative idiocy, let me tell you about our university president, the illustrious Michael Crow. He's ex-CIA; though I assume he was a bureaucrat and not an intelligence operative. My European Politics professor says he's "the kind of guy who could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo." I'm not sure how apt that analogy is, but at any rate, you get the general idea. First, he's recommended a tuition hike of $500 to the Arizona Board of Regents - this after we were promised that the $900-or-so tuition hike from last year would be the last for a while. Second, he's proposed some cockamamie scheme to create a "Department of Global Studies". The vagueness of that phrase gives you the feeling that he has absolutely no real idea of what this would constitute, and you'd almost be right. What he *does* know is that he wants to take professors and classes out of other departments for this, and pretty much fuck up the whole distribution of funds. It doesn't seem to occur to him how many fields he's talking about; in order to be truly "global", we'd have to be take from history, political science, economics, anthropology, humanities, language and literature, geography, sociology, religious studies, psychology... not to mention the College of Fine Arts, and maybe even the College of Architechture. If he wants this so bad, why not just make it an interdisciplinary degree program? It's not as if we don't have those already. But that would, I suppose, be too simple.

But back to me. It seems that after this semester, I'll only need 24 more credit hours, and only about 12 of those are required classes, so I can easily graduate in Fall 2004. If I finally send in my History CLEP, that'll give me another 3 credit hours, and getting my minor in history would then be easy. I was thinking, though, that if I took another semester, I might be able to get a concurrent degree in history. I'll have to talk to the student advisor before I try anything like that, though.

And now, I'm going to attempt to go to sleep for three hours, so I'll be somewhat rested for my first day of on-the-job training.

Sigh. Sometimes stupid, easy decisions keep weighing on our mind even though we know we made the right decision. Mine involves a choice between my wonderful fiance and my job. The decision between the professional world and the personal world usually come in conflict, but this one really has me on the fence, even though it shouldn't. As I've mentioned before, I'm currently getting by as a loader for UPS, the United Parcel Service. It's not a bad job, I've lost 25 lbs in 10 weeks, and have gained muscle mass and definition, plus I've been getting paid. No, not a lot, which is the problem.

The daysort (the shift I work) is changing schedules this weekend. Today is the only day I have off from work. The schedule used to be the normal Monday - Friday that almost everyone goes through. However, UPS spies have informed the hivebrain that the dreaded pirates of FedEx don't follow this sane regime. This, of course, means that we must change to mimic our competition in order that we don't get left behind. Personally, I'd rather see our throughput increased, and think that would be a better way to compete, rather than fuck up the schedules for people but I digress.

So, we're changing our work schedule. Now it's Sunday-Thursday; no Monday - Friday sanity for us, oh now. We're too good to be normal. I think it really is a smart idea to take away 5 hours of football watching and beer swilling from the blue collared workers. I'm sure they'll love that. Especially the divorced parents who only see their kids on the weekends. They'll love it too.

Ok, so I don't really like working on Sundays as I fall into the beer-swilling football watching portion of the populace, but there is a good side. They noticed that people, obviously enough, might resist to the change somewhat at first. So, to counteract this and get people to show up to work they're offering a bonus. Show up for the first two Sundays to work, get a $200 bonus in your check. Shibby.

They do this kind of stuff a lot. If you show up for work every day of the week, you get a $50 bonus, which is nice as it actually gives you SOME money to take home to blow on booze every thursday, but it's not good. Nope, no good at all, because I can't get it.

Remember that dilemma I mentioned earlier? Well, my fiance's fall break from College occurs next weekend. So, like the awesome angel of awesomeness that she is, she's coming out to visit. We haven't seen each other in god knows how long now. The long distance has put strains on our relationship, and not seeing each other in a while is adding more (and me not calling for 4 days didn't help any either. Remember boys, give her a call. Don't fuss, just do). However, because of where we'll be and how things are gonna work out, I'll be away from her for 8 hours if I go to work. Atleast.

What really sucks is that I haven't missed a day of work yet. I've been putting in more hours than almost anyone as I've been making my bid for management. I'm not complaining, mind you, for since I've started staying later I've seen my check work it's way up to almost worthy of the back-breaking work I do. I don't want to miss this one day of work, but I have too. I told my fiance half the deal, I left out the 200 dollar part. The only other problem is that I'll lose the 50 dollar attendance bonus too, as well as the ~$20 from working that day. Sigh, it's sad how much importance I'm putting on this money. I've got enough to get by. Missing this work isn't gonna kill me. But I wanna work, dammit!

Meh, enough whining for today. Hopefully I'll get another win in Fantasy Football this week. E2 fantasy hockey starts soon, too. Just discovered my team was picked. I just wish I knew anything about hockey, it's like, the one sport I don't follow (besides Jai Alai and Cricket(Yes, I follow Midget Tossing)).

Cheap plug alert
PS: If you wanna work for UPS, they have this referral bonus thingy, where we'd both get 100 bucks after 30 days of you (the new hire) working for them. If you need a part time job (which will give you full health care after 6 months, and some other bonuses and nice benefits) that will get you in shape and give you some beer money, let me know. I'll give you the hook up, and you say you were referred by me and we're kosher like a pickle, boooyah!
"You know, blue hair looksh ver-very... becomin' on ya. No, sheriously. 'Course, if I were on ya, I'd be... be comin', too."

No joke.
I didn't realize that there were people out there that actually used this line. I mean, come on. "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?" is more likely to get you somewhere, guys.

It was the climax of a highly uncomfortable bordering-on-painful evening. I had agreed to go out with Emily after the Balinese dance concert, which is probably where things went horribly wrong. I will freely admit I should have listened to Neil and stayed in... because, of course, there's no chance of him ever reading this.

I climbed up the four flights of stairs to Emily's room and found her there with our companions for the night, Adam and Jason. ("Call me Jay.") All three were drunk, or on their way to it. Jason was busy showing Emily pictures of himself on a leash... that went through his tongue. He informed us all that he was only bisexual when he drank and preferred being dominated by forceful women. Emily oh-so-casually mentioned the whip she had stored away in her dresser, then brought out her collars to play with. She and Jason wore her matching set of dominant and submissive spikes. I avoided making eye contact with anyone and felt very glad I'd chosen to forgo any sort of pointy jewelry this evening.
The aspiring alcoholics stopped by Adam's room to reload on orange juice and Mr. Boston. After being accosted by a very strange, very intoxicated girl to do... I don't know what at eleven, we went off to Java for a little live music. Or so I assumed.

Adam and I tried to make polite conversation as Emily and Jason groped each other in a conspicuous manner. For the most part it worked. When we got to Java, I found out the real purpose of our visit. Since, other than a few ex-boyfriend related alcoholic episodes, I'm a good girl, I was less than thrilled. I was ready to to head back to the shoebox I call home when Emily pleaded with me to stay. We stood outside in the cold while the boys went into the house to conduct their business. This, of course, is where the drunk boys come in.

I've got touching issues. Big time. You do not touch me without my permission, or I will remove your hand, quite possibly from your arm. Apparently this, along with my oh-so-welcoming brooding stare and combat boots/trenchcoat ensemble, draws men in droves. Well, if you count three boys as a drove. I do. Hell, it was a first for me.

One of those charming lads stumbled into me and mumbled in his beer-scented breath the line quoted above. Yeah, that won him points.

After the boys finished up inside, we all declared that it was bedtime. Emily retrieved her collar from Jason after slipping him her room number and we went our separate ways. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning at breakfast. The last thing I need to hear over my first meal of the day is what her last meal of the night was. And I know I'll get the full story. Every detail. while I'm trying to eat or drink something white and creamy. Shudder.

Oh. In the ongoing saga of the fiery ruins of my first relationship: life still sucks. Just in case anyone's been keeping track. ((wry grin))

Poker is a fascinating game. It's one of the few forms of gambling in which very good play is profitable over the long term. But on the short term (e.g. days, or even weeks), great play can be rewarded with huge losses that play with the heads of very rational players.

Poker players love to tell others about their horrible luck, like veterans love to annoy us with war stories. And that's why I'm writing. Because I'm fucking pissed about my bullshit luck yesterday and I need some catharsis. So here's some Texas Hold Em stories from yesterday.

Story 1. I have K9. Flop comes up...KK4 unsuited. Woo hoo! I gauge other players' reactions...they all check...they don't appear to be "slow playing" a K. Well there is the one drunk woman who is insisting on not looking at her cards. She's "playing blind." She raises. I reraise. Of course I want the pot as large as possible. Anyway, River gives KK478. Surely I win. She turns of her cards...pair of 4's. Full house.

They just keep coming. I have Q3 of diamonds. By the turn i have the AQ-high flush. I pray for no diamond on the river, while keeping in mind that even with another diamond only one card, the K, will beat me. River is a diamond. Ugly old bitch bets. I raise. She calls. She's too stupid to reraise. No pair on the board, she cannot be beat with the K of diamonds...which she had by the way.

Oh my other flush of the day. I was so excited. This time AK high. No other flush could beat me. But the A that gave me my flush gave another guy a full house, A's over 9's. This happens sometimes. But why all on the same day when I only won one hand in 8 hours???

Then there was my last hand of the night. This one wiped out my chips. I had A's in the hole. Flop came...A 10 something else. All unsuited. Pretty much a perfect flop for me. Bet as much as I could Then out came a Q. And then a K on the river. Does anybody have a fucking J? OF COURSE YOU DO! Only 1? I'd expect to have several of you splitting my pot.

Wow, I've never lost $200 playing $1-$2 Hold Em before! What a neato day!

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