you kiss me as if the world would end if you stopped

when you look at me i feel like i’m burning when you touch me my skin catches fire you love my hair my eyes my hips that were never slim my hands covered in ink and blood my words that tumble broken from my mouth in a cascade when you’re near because i just can’t shut up when we share the same oxygen

you laugh at my jokes you hold me when i feel like my world is ending you whisper that you love me in the night you sing all my favourite songs as though you wrote them for me you don’t care that i’m not skinny you never judge me because i enjoy food you dance with me in the dark you tell me stories when i can’t sleep

you smile at me as though we’re sharing a private joke but the only joke is that you are a figment of an overactive imagination and i only want you to make my cold lonely life seem like it has something good shining and meaningful in it you make me feel wonderful you make me feel terrible you make me feel whole you make me feel empty again when i wake from dreams of you in an empty bed

you only kiss me like that because your world ends when i open my eyes