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Born: August 31, 1963 in County Meath, Ireland
Bacon Number: The Oracle says: Todd Carty has a Bacon Number of 3:
Todd Carty is famous for two things: being the cheeky cockney barrow bay, HIV sufferer and generally unlucky Mark Fowler in the BBC soap opera Eastenders, and for being the face of 1970s cult icon Tucker Jenkins in kid's show Grange Hill (a character so popular he got his own show, Tucker's Luck).

I went to IMDB expecting to find a lengthy filmography, but other than the above two mentions and the minor role he played in Krull (1983), and a supporting role in the Charlie Drake film Professor Popper's Problem, there's almost nothing. Carty played the role of Mark Fowler for 12 years, from 1990 to 2002 (the previous actor, David Scarboro, commited suicide).

In 2002, Carty left Eastenders and, as I had predicted, is returning to Grange Hill to play Tucker again.

In 2003, Carty joined the cast of The Bill as PC Gabriel Kent.

Disclaimer: I am not an Eastenders fan