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1.     Driving home I saw two guys on motorcycles, the same model, wearing exactly the same clothes. One was half a block in front of the other and in a different lane. They both decided to move over one, and their blinkers were absolutely simultaneous, and blinked the same number of times with perfect precision, like ballet. I took it as a hokey little sign from the universe that sometimes things do work in tandem, and that easy harmony is indeed possible. I appreciated it.

2.     At the last intersection before my apartment, I was sitting at the light thinking about what I would do if I saw an accident happen right in front of me. Its a busy intersection. I was thinking, these people always try to fly through the end of the yellow light and what if some guy was going pretty fast and then he thought Nah not enough time, and hit the brakes and the guy in back of him slammed right into him. This is the sort of accident where nobody really gets hurt, just shook up, so I wouldn't be witnessing anything gruesome, just a sudden loud WHATTHEHELL screech and crashing crashing. I wondered what I would do in that situation, would I gasp? or like squawk or something embarrassing? even worse what if my foot slid off the brake pedal and I smashed into the guy in front of me? Anyway as I was sitting and wondering, it happened. I was looking right at the truck when it squealed to a stop and I saw the van behind it trying to stop and trying to stop, and not stopping.

Rest easy kids, everyone was fine.

The answer to the question of what would I do is:   I merely stare at the horrific scene with a slack jaw, which neither hurts nor embarrasses anybody. Which is what I call a happy ending.