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The Omega Virus
Milton Bradley board game, copyright 1992
ages 10 and up
1-4 players

Goals of the Game
You are on this space station in order to save the innocent BattleSat I computer, the kind computer that runs the station. It is being attacked by the malevolent and insulting Omega Virus, who has in turn become your enemy.

How do you save the computer? By destroying the virus. And in order to destroy the virus, you must search the green rooms of the space station for various access cards (which allow you to search the other colored rooms), and obtain all three of the weapons. Once you have these things, you can search out the virus and try to destroy it.

The Setup
It is quite a process to assemble the board and all the game components, but don’t let this dissuade you from playing. First you must connect four panels to each side of the board via black plastic pieces; the panels are cheat sheets filled with necessary codes used in battle. Next you assemble the central portion, which contains the speaker from which forth spew the voices of your guides, both the desperate computer you are trying to save, and the mocking virus who is trying to take over the space station. All the buttons are also here, as well as the probes, access cards, and most important of all, the weapons:

The uses of all these things will be fully explained shortly.

Then, decide which player will be which colored commando (red, blue, green and yellow), and place each one in his respectively colored docking bay. Place a green access card in each players access card holding slot on the before mentioned panels, and…

Now you’re ready to get to it!

How to Play
You must turn the game on and choose the skill level. Then each player must enter his or her own special TWO digit secret code when prompted to do so. This is an important code! Remember it, write it down, and do not allow any one else to see it.

You can move three spaces at a time. You have three four options:

  1. Explore a room: go to the room you want to explore (you must have the same colored access card as the room color on the board, or you will not be allowed to enter). Press button 2 (notice how it says explore on it), and then enter the room code number, which is written on the board, when prompted. Several things can happen:

    • You may find another access card
    • You might come across a weapon
    • You could find your very own probe, which has its own turn right after yours. It can move unlimited number or spaces (although not through rooms without stopping first), can explore, attack, etc.
    • You may experience a Security Breech. If this is the case, you’ll be asked to energize several (between one and three) shields. Then the Virus will try to shoot you. If you energized the correct shield(s) you will be fine, or else you will be hit and told to give up an access card or a weapon (if you have none of these, you’ll be sent back to your docking bay).

  2. Attack another commando/probe - you must be in the same room, and then you enter a code to attack the correct entity. All the codes for doing this are liste on your panal.

  3. Pass - you do this by pressing the 0 button.
  4. Teleport to another docking bay - you do this by going to one docking bay and pressing the pass button. You can then move to any other docking bay as you so wish.

While you are exploring rooms, remember to fill out your chart so you remember where you found everything, and where not to go in the case of security breeches. Also, pay attention to the code the virus says after you finish your activities in a room – if it is your turn, and the code read matches your secret code, that is the room the virus is in. You’ll have to go back there after you get all the weapons, and then you’ll be able to destroy it (or try to).

After you have all the weapons, continue searching for the virus if you haven’t discovered the room he is in yet. When and if you do find him, within the timeframe given at the start of the game, you will have to “take your best shot” by pushing a button and hoping that is the one to hit the virus with. Keep trying until you get him, but make sure no other player beats you to it. This is not a team effort! Kill everything in your path, even the cute little probes.

Some neat Features
The evil Omega Virus will call you all sorts of names, and mock the vulnerable computer you are trying to rescue. Try your best to ignore them, for getting angry will only make it laugh all the harder. Some example of the things it says:

  • “You human scum!”
  • “You fool!”
  • “Try and stop me!”
There are lots more phrases, but you’ll have to play to hear them. Enjoy.

* Don't forget to buy a 9V bettery before trying to play. This will save some confusion.