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Pizzeria Regina is the famous pizzeria from Boston's North End. Regina has been at 11 and a half Thatcher Street since 1926. Regina's only about five blocks from the Fleet Center, which makes it perfect after watching the Bruins or Celtic reign triumphant. Pizzeria Regina has been owned by the Polcari family for the last 75 years.

Regina's fare is simple pizza, soda, and beer. The pizza can have a variety of toppings, all of them are delicious. The pizza are done in brick ovens and can be cooked regular or well done. The well done pizzas are out of the world. All pizzas are thin crust. In addition the pizza slowly grows better when the cheese has cooled and congealed.

The restaurant layout is a bar along with a small area with tables. Some of the tables allow the patrons to look and watch the pizza makers. The layout makes it hard to conduct a quiet, discrete conversation but great for a party atmosphere.

The pizzas are about 10 dollars for a small pie or 12 for a large pie. While they are somewhat higher then a local pizza joint, the quality is beyond worthy of the higher price. Beware the restaurant tends to fill up at the major feeding times, and the line outside is larger then expected.

Pizzeria Regina has a number of spin offs and franchises in the Greater Boston area. While the other restaurants are good, the real restaurant has been a fixture in the North End far longer and many agree it is far better.