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I have been back at work half time since the start of April.

Half time doesn't really work. We are seeing patients from 9 until noon and then add an acutely sick person on at one if needed. We do paperwork and advertising and arguing with the insurance companies and general business stuff after that. I was doing clinic from 9 to 4 daily before I got sick last May, four days a week, and business on Wednesday. Five days a week is actually working better and better access. Friday was nuts-gonzo and we were there until 5:30. I wrote and sent 7 referrals in the afternoon, to general surgery, the podiatrist, the neuro-psych doctor and to the cardiologist. The first one got three, the second two.... The scanner/fax/copier was glowing. We wear them out.

I saw my doctor and she agreed that I should continue with the half time for now. On a good day I go home hopefully at two but more like three. I still get tired too easily, which isn't that surprising since my fast twitch muscles didn't work from May 30 until about January 15. That is a long time. I go to bed some nights at 7:30 or 8:00, including last night.

Since I have the official part time word, I may be able to ask the physician's assistant to work in the afternoon some. It depends on whether the malpractice insurance insists that I can only be "covered" by a physician not a midlevel. If the malpractice agrees that a midlevel can fill in, the electronic medical record will probably let us work under one license. Can't afford malpractice and emr for two working part time. Sigh. And need new computers for the dreaded ICD 10 in the fall.

Patients are coming back and new ones are showing up. Three new veterans in three weeks, because of the Veterans Choice program. I get along pretty well with them: dark senses of humor and a general attitude of careful wariness.

It's nice to have my muscles back and nice that the clinic didn't die. And me too.