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There was warm.

Morning warm.

There were blues and greens.

What will you be when you grow up.

There was rain.

She pushed on the door.

The wood swells with the rain and the heat.

A mermaid, she said.

She pushed on the door with the toe of her boot.

The bed was there and a painting of Jesus.

Outstretched arms and sunlit hair.

It had fallen once, and the glass was cracked.

She left it that way.

There was wallpaper.

It was yellow once. It used to have flowers.

The walls buckled.

The flowers were angry.

Where will you live when you grow up.

Under the sea.

Blues and greens and sea salt hair.

There were white bed sheets.

There were streaks of rust.

She scratched and scratched.

There were pillows she kissed and pillows she bit.

There was warm.

There was rain on the floor.

Rodent smells and the rain and the heat.

There were pills.

There were pills.

Blues and greens.

How do you live. Under the sea.

Toe of your boot.

Hold your breath until Jesus comes.