If it happens to happen

that clouds crush the earth

like a hammer to ice,

skies become oceans,

rain turns to rice


if the world grows cold

like a frozen sunflower,

cats turn in their claws,

dogs give up their bite


if the circus leaves town

to follow the fleas,

if slow-witted children

become the police


if rhetoric becomes

what used to be roses

and poems become proof

of impending psychosis


if a manchild decides

he's fit to be king

though clearly he isn't,

and green bits of paper

become measures of wisdom


if all these things

happen to happen,

I'll never say,

I told you so,

I won't look at you

in wonder or puzzlement.


I'll be watching the sky

where the dark birds are circling,

and I'll tell you,

next time,

don't vote for Republicans.