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MDS America or MDS America, Inc (MDSA) is a wireless Internet and wireless cable TV technology provider based in Stuart, Florida. MDS America was the primary party responsible for the invalidation of Northpoint Technology Inc's patents having to do with terrestrial rebroadcast of satellite signals. This cleared the way for the United States FCC to auction the frequency band of 12.2 - 12.7 GHz which the FCC has christened MVDDS

MDS America has become the primary power in the nascent MVDDS market.

MDS Operations, an affiliated company, participated in recent auctions in 2005 and 2006 held by the FCC in which this 12.2 -12.7 GHz frequency was sold to the public. MDSO acquired rights in both auctions for 80 markets covering more than 15 million television households in the US.

In early 2006, MDSA landed a contract with South Coast Television in Ireland to build that company's first Digital Terrestrial Broadcast system. Installation started in September of 2006 and was finished on-budget and on-time in December 2006 and is now serving the citizens of County Cork with Digital terrestrial television.



MDSA's innovative technology is a high-speed Multi-channel Video Distribution and Data Service (MVDDS) system created by MDSAmerica. This system is based in principle on established RF technology, and consists of discrete directional or omnidirectional low power transmitters positioned on towers, buildings, or other elevated objects. The coverage of the signal extends from the transmitter to the curve of the earth. The unique design of the transmitters and antennas facilitates an exceptionally pure radio frequency signal that allows transmission of video and data at very high speeds over long distances. A signal may be received up to 200 kilometers from the transmitter with a very small passive antenna. MDSA Technology may also cover a much wider area such a city or an entire country, using a cellular type network.

The MVDDS system has the full data bandwidth of a DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) without the latency problems when used to provide very high-speed wireless broadband connectivity.


MDSA's reception equipment is covered by US patent. 


Legal History

MDSA was sued by Northpoint Technology Ltd., a company set up primarily to lobby the FCC and Congress for free RF spectrum, on the grounds of patent infringement (US Patents #5,761,605 and #6,169,878.) MDSA contended that the patents that Northpoint had been granted were invalid since the patents essentially covered attributes of satellite dish and Northpoint had not invented satellite dishes. In 2004, a jury in Federal Court in Ft. Pierce, Florida agreed with MDSA and invalidated both asserted Northpoint patents on four separate grounds.

The above case was appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. On June 28, 2005, the court AFFIRMED the findings of the lower court permanently invalidating both patents and ending the Northpoint Technology "Spectrum Grab."



  • Kirk Kirkpatrick: Founder, President, and CEO
  • Peter Blond: Exec. Vice President and COO
  • Grigory Kholodkov: Chief Engineer MDSA
  • Sharif Rabah: Vice President, Sales and Marketing
  • Allen Quinn: Vice President, Operations
  • Gopiballava Flaherty: CIO