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Marathon - Level 0

Arrival (Terminal 1)

Airlock 34-a Terminal Access <Port>
<Message to All Marathon Terminals> Marathon Emergency Systems Broadcast Today at 0820 hours, the Marathon came under surprise attack from unknown hostile forces. The Marathon has sustained serious damage. At 0830 hours, alien forces boarded the Marathon. The current situation is dire. All personnel are required to arm themselves and fight for their lives. <Posted 2794.> ***INCOMING MESSAGE FROM LEELA*** Welcome to the Marathon. I am Leela, one of the two surviving Artificial Intelligences aboard the Marathon. I have been severely damaged, and am working to understand the current situation. Find the teleport terminal located in the Hangar's control room. By that time, I should have a better idea of what is going on. ***END MESSAGE*** This is where you are now. From here you can explore the rest of the Hangar area, although not all of the doors on the level are functioning. There is a pattern buffer at this location. There is a jump pad at this location. Activate the terminal to leave the Hangar area.

Arrival (Terminal 2)

Hangar Area-5 Engineering Access 50-h<291.7.577.456>
<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521-> <Security Breached 50-h<291.7.577.456>-> *00010104A80600A2F0C4EBA182E4A80584F2E00BC876700FF46202EFE4*3A EFE4A2F0C2F074EBA1DC672FFB280504F6700079d4202EFE4E6000079*E700 12D40FE52722AB2866610202EFE5253AEFE52101B4880 ^^Fire and @3DC39 aspects of the theory are as follows: each society has some controlling force or forces which decide its direction, but the relationships in society are arbitrary- humanity can relate to money, machines, neighbors, anything really; %6582@1 <logical reset @67FC229> individual character and personality are preserved in stories, movies, Rom-personalities, etc; although individual expression is a universal ability, individual freedom is constrained by the society.(see attached figure)^^ *584F2E00206DFDCA7008C030780066C6202EFE4A53AEFE4A2F0C2F074E *BA1E$U2$uA72FFB280504F6690600007F67025B086660E101B488048C02C00 <logical reset @67FC231> <Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled> <Further Access Denied> <Breach Location Undetermined>

Arrival (Terminal 3)

Hangar Area-5 Engineering Access 49-h<294.2.577.456>
<Unauthorized access-alarm 2521-> <Security Breached 49-h<294.2.577.456>-> 18RF(kgf42# f#h %34(*,96693 349973@) fkeoocp) *0001101011101110111000111101110101110110101011 *1001100001110100101001001001001000010100101111 *1001000101011110100101010101000001001000101110 00000378003E000007FE0032000011AE00080001AF420000 06726F636B657421000000000000000006726F636B657421 0000000000000000 <Spurious Interrupt- Breach Disabled> <Further Access Denied> <Alert> Security Breach at <294.2.577.456>

Arrival (Terminal 4)

Hangar Area 5 Teleporter Pad Terminal<>
***INCOMING MESSAGE FROM LEELA*** All of the information that I have gathered so far indicates that the Alien invasion of the Marathon has been relatively uncoordinated. I suspect that this is partially due to the Marathon's large size. However disorderly the Alien invasion is, their assault of the Computer Net has been extremely effective. I detect security breaches in almost every computer system onboard the Marathon; I have learned that there is an Alien creature that is capable of interfacing with our systems. You must kill any of these creatures that you find. It is a priority that we stop them. Even now, they are penetrating my defenses. Teleport now. ***End Message*** ***JUMP PAD ACTIVATION INITIATION START*** ***TRANSPORT WHEN READY***