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I know there is a debate whether oral sex is really sex, but regardless of one’s opinion on this I’m confident almost everyone can agree that a middle school is too young for it. Despite that, on any given day one can hear blustering, bargaining and planning sessions in the school hallway, phone and IM conversations of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Unfortunately it also seems to go beyond talk. In one school several kids were suspended for “smoking in the boys’ room”. It always seems to be the boys harassing the girls for or receiving a blowjob. In another school this discrepancy even carried over to the administrators who only called the parents of girls to come in to discuss “a situation” that their children were involved in.

It’s bad enough that these children are thinking oral sex is OK at their age but where did this for the boys only attitude come from? I don’t mean to imply that I want 12 year old girls on the receiving end but both boys and girls need to know that when they are old enough, sex should be mutual and not just a thing girls do to please boys.

An observation of kids in high school :
Funny thing is for the kids I know in high school this is no longer an issue. There may be more vaginal intercourse but it is at least somewhat in a pair bonding mode. The middle school oral sex fascination seemed to go with all the other awful middle school behavior. They are so evil to each other at that age.