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TLV is the international airport code for Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, which is too widely known worldwide as the Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport. This is a mistake, as the airport is actually closest to a city called Lod, but I understand why nobody would want to mention it: Lod is a poverty-stricken, violent, drugged-up trou de f├Ęces of a city. It is also where I live.

In light of this misinformation about the "Tel Aviv" airport, I can't help being reminded of the time a famous American singer opened her big Caesarea performance with something along the lines of "Shalom Tel Aviv!", unaware of where she really was. In case you're curious, Caesarea and Tel Aviv are about 30 miles apart, so it matters.

The TLV is also one of the better-known night clubs in Tel Aviv, and has the failed suicide bombing attempts to prove it. Its popularity has spawned a number of smaller clubs, such as the TLV Mini-Me right next to it and a club for Russian Israelis called the Russian TLV.