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If you have procmail and perl installed on your system, this perl script will process the spam from everything@blockstackers.com into a html table, at least the top 25 cooled by rep section, which is my favorite...

First, add the following to your .procmailrc file (after editing the '/www/minitrue/data' to be an output path relevant on your system of course):

* ^From:.*everything@blockstackers.com
| ParseE2DR.pl > /www/minitrue/data/table_DailyTopE2.html; 
  chmod o+r /www/minitrue/data/table_DailyTopE2.html

* ^From:.*everything@blockstackers.com

This will process emails from everything with the script ParseE2DR.pl (which will be given shortly), and will send a copy of the email to the mailbox 'in-e2'. On a redhat 7 linux system, this mailbox will be created if it does not exist. You may want to test to see if this is different on your system!

The contents of ParseE2DR.pl are as follows:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# read top25 lines
while(<>) {
    # find the top 25 by rep section
    if(/Top 25 Cool Writeups by Rep<br>/) {

    # if we're parsing, grap the vars
    if($InSec) {
	    if(/<a href=([^>]+)>(.+)<\/a>/) {
	        push(@url, $1);
	        push(@title, $2);
	    } elsif(/written by (.+) and cooled by (.+)/) {
	        push(@auth, $1);
	#         push(@cooler, $2);
	    } elsif(/^\*-*\*/) {

# formatting section -> dump the html output to stdout
print "<!-- Begin output from E2 daily report mail parse -->\n";
print "<table width=\"100%\"><th class=\"ib\">Yesterday's Top 25 in E2</th>\n";
for($i=0; $i<@url; $i++) {
    # alternating css class names on 'td' tags to make formatting easy
    if(($i % 2) == 0) {
    } else {

    print "<tr><td class=\"$class\">" +
      "<a href=$url[$i]>$title[$i]</a><br><small>by $auth[$i]</small></td></tr>\n";
print "</table>\n";
print "<!-- END output from E2 daily report mail parse -->\n";
-- EOF

This table adds the table header tags and table data tags with class attributes set, so if you're a cascading style sheets fan, it's easy to add a <style> section before the table to format it...

Note: I am in the process of learning perl. Suggestions, comments, anything please /msg me.